Aquifer storage and recovery—known as ASR—is useful and environmentally friendly water management tool. It enables water users to store high-quality surface water underground in the winter for use during drier summer months. GSI has long been a champion of this technology. We have been involved in almost every licensed effort in Oregon, and have more experience than any other firm worldwide in conducting ASR projects in basalt aquifers.

Municipalities across the country use ASR to provide peak-time supply capacity because it typically costs much less than traditional storage, expanding water treatment plant capacity, or other alternative supply solutions. ASR can also be used for irrigating agriculture, aquifer stabilization, stream restoration, and thermal load management.

We help our clients assess the feasibility of ASR and see successful pilot programs through to full operation. We are known for our successes in planning, developing, and operating groundwater supply wells and ASR systems, and in pioneering innovative managed aquifer recharge applications.

Featured ASR projects

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Beaverton ASR Program

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ASR for Agriculture

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Thermal ASR Pilot Test

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