GSI is a leading hydrogeologic firm on the West Coast. Our experts provide technical, policy, legal, and funding support to help groundwater management agencies and stakeholders develop and implement sustainable groundwater management plans. This includes Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SMGA) support in California.

We have been heavily involved in complex water issues in California, Washington, and Oregon for many years. Through this experience, we help our clients ensure that local groundwater management plans and programs are based on sound science and local stakeholder involvement.

Services include:

  • Groundwater modeling and basinwide groundwater studies
  • Comprehensive monitoring programs
  • Sustainable yield estimates
  • Determination of areas of overdraft and strategies for addressing supply problems
  • Stakeholder facilitation and collaboration
  • Support for finding funding solutions
  • Determination of whether agriculture is affecting groundwater levels
  • Evaluating the interaction between groundwater and surface water
  • Development of aquifer recharge (AR) and aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) programs as tools to help manage groundwater resources


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