Our hydrogeologists have extensive experience in groundwater supply development and a regional reputation for their ability to integrate their understanding of local hydrogeology with client objectives to develop practical solutions to water supply needs. We have supported municipal, agricultural and private clients characterize the extent and availability of groundwater, develop sustainable usage strategies, and designed access programs ranging  from one well to an entire wellfield.

Our well support services include preparation and review of contract bid documents, drilling oversight and well design expertise, observation and management during drilling activities, geologic analysis, and aquifer testing. During well or wellfield development our water resource consultants can help develop water rights strategies for accessing existing water rights or acquiring new ones (when available). Also, when well owners experience issues with performance we help them diagnose the causes, design and implement rehabilitation activities, and develop preventative maintenance programs so that they can continue to access the groundwater supply.

Our team is composed of regionally recognized experts that manage our clients’ projects. They are supported by highly skilled junior geologists and hydrogeologists that provide field oversight and support. We offer an expert knowledge of regional hydrogeology and geology, considerable experience designing and constructing wells, and experience with permitting and contractor management. This comprehensive knowledge and expertise provides for cost-effective and efficient management of our clients’ projects.

Featured groundwater supply development projects

ASR for Agriculture

ASR for Agriculture

ASR in California

ASR in      California

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Well Rehabilitation

Basinwide Groundwater Management

Basinwide Groundwater Management

Portland Reservoir

Wellhead Protection Strategies

Scenario 1 Water Supply Planning Tool

Innovative Water Supply Planning Tool

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Groundwater Modeling Expertise
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