As water supply production wells age they are prone to experiencing a range of issues, such as diminished pumping performance, higher operational costs, decreased capacity and reliability.  However, the high costs of continued operation and well replacement often persuade well owners to consider alternative methods of restoring well performance. The proper assessment and rehabilitation or repair of impaired supply wells can significantly increase the well’s life, reduce operating costs and enhance the reliability of the water supply system. GSI is familiar with the range of issues water supply wells may experience throughout their life that diminishes performance, including effects of the subsurface environment during drilling and operation, the deterioration of well casing and screens, improper design, and choosing aquifer zones with port water quality.

Our experienced team of experts assists our clients with effectively diagnosing the causes of well performance declines. We provide a thorough assessment of the cost, effectiveness and reliability of well rehabilitation versus well replacement. We design the appropriate approach to rehabilitation, and provide recommendations for future operation to reduce well performance problems.   We employ recent advances in well diagnostic technologies, such as microbiological and geochemical sampling to assess causes of fouling and incrustation. As well as borehole flow profiling, depth discrete sampling, miniature video camera and geophysical survey tools to assess the causes of well performance issues. Finally, we work with our clients to develop practical and effective well monitoring procedures to provide early detection and diagnosis of diminished well and pump performance, and aquifer level declines to avoid the loss of capacity.

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