Water is an essential but increasingly limited resource. To ensure access to adequate water supplies in the present and future, proper water resource management is critical. GSI’s experts understand the complexities of water rights and have experience working with multiple state agencies, attorneys, and other organizations involved in water rights issues. We help our clients develop water rights management strategies to address their water needs, which involve analyzing their current water rights, evaluating their existing water supply and demand, anticipating their future water demands, and devising creative approaches for securing reliable, long-term water supplies.

As part of our broad array of water rights work for clients, GSI has developed water rights master plans, water management and conservation plans, grant applications for water resource and conservation projects, strategies to comply with water rights conditions, and state water rights applications. GSI also has extensive experience with developing and facilitating approval of water rights transfers, leases, permit amendments, and claims of beneficial use, among other water rights management tools.

Our area of expertise include the following: