Shallow groundwater systems provide critical baseflow for streams and understanding how groundwater effects the flow and quality of surface water bodies is important for comprehensive watershed management. Our services include assessing groundwater under the direct influence of surface water, supporting the resolution of issues related to conjunctive use of surface water and groundwater; and assessing pathogen vulnerability of water resources. Understanding this interaction becomes important for such projects as developing and managing stormwater facilities; characterizing watershed hydrology; and developing groundwater and surface water supplies.

Our team of water resources specialists, hydrogeologists, and hydrologists help basin and individual stakeholders understand this interconnection, which helps our clients develop permitting and resource development strategies that are agency-approved.

Featured groundwater/surface water interconnection projects


EWEB Water Rights Acquisition Strategy

WWBWC_Burlingame Canal AR site

WWBWC Shallow     Aquifer Recharge

Basinwide Groundwater Management

Basinwide Groundwater Management

Mapped groundwater elevations for the majority of the SVRP aquifer (in both WA and OR states).

Spokane Valley-Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer Study