GSI’s water resources consultants understand the complexities of water rights and have extensive experience working with water resources agencies and other federal and state regulators, attorneys, and key stakeholders in the field. Our staff includes four Oregon certified water rights examiners, some of whom have worked in the Pacific Northwest for more than 25 years, providing groundwater and surface water support. We offer staff who have in-depth knowledge about water rights processes and conflict resolution in Oregon and Washington.

GSI assists our clients by reviewing their existing rights, and developing strategies to maximize and secure those rights. We assist our clients with implementing recommended actions, such as developing claims of beneficial use and requesting certificates, applying for extensions of time for development of permits, modifying water rights through transfers and permit amendments, and applying for new rights. When water rights are not readily available, our team works to develop creative mitigation strategies and alternative water supplies through ASR, aquifer recharge, temperature mitigation projects, and water reuse projects. Our consultants work with farmers and ranchers, municipalities, and industries to help fulfill and resolve their issues.

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EWEB Water Rights Acquisition Strategy

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Bend Water Rights Consultant of Record