The City of Boardman obtains drinking water via a collector well, which uses the natural processes in the riverbank to filter water. GSI helped the City design and construct its Collector Well #2.


The City of Boardman, located in northeastern Oregon along the Columbia River, is the primary water provider for its population of approximately 3,000. It is also contracted to provide water to industries at the Port of Morrow. The City needed a reliable, safe, and long-term water supply to meet these needs and to fully develop the use of its water rights.

GSI’s Solution

Working with the City’s Engineer, GSI’s team helped to site, permit, design, and test the City’s second collector well. This work involved evaluating hydrogeologic conditions at the site, estimating potential yield and filtration capacity if the riverbank material, and developing recommendations for the lateral design and placement.

The resulting collector well was constructed with a 16 feet diameter, to 50 feet deep, and has seven 12-inch diameter laterals ranging from 65 to 190 feet long. After the collector well was constructed, GSI helped conduct testing at a rate of 10,000 gallons per minute to provide the data needed to size the pump station and conveyance piping. The collector well system met all drinking water standards without additional filtration and Collector Well #2 was classified as a groundwater source.

GSI staff also helped the City to develop a wellhead protection program to identify potential contaminants near the City’s collector wells and develop strategies to minimize the transport of any contaminants into the collector wells’ capture zones.