GSI staff have been providing environmental compliance support for this client since the mid-1990s. Support has been related to the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) required environmental monitoring and groundwater quality protection actions at the client’s landfill facilities.


GSI’s client owns and operates two landfill facilities in Oregon. The first facility is a chemical waste disposal facility that is regulated under Subtitle C of the federal RCRA and accepts hazardous waste from across the country. The second facility is a municipal landfill and recycling facility that is regulated under Subtitle D of RCRA and accepts municipal solid waste that is trucked and railed in from Portland, Seattle, and other cities in the Pacific Northwest.

GSI’s Solution

  • Decommissioned 20 monitoring wells and piezometers at the Subtitle C facility.
    • GSI’s team restructured this work so it could be completed in 4 years, saving the client tens of thousands of dollars in sub-contractor costs.
    • We then directed the maintenance and abandonment, developed drilling specifications, and directed drilling operations.
    • Our excellent relationship with DEQ and experience working under DEQ regulations also ensured that multiple projects have been successfully approved.
  • Assisted with the client’s environmental monitoring and reporting program as required by its facility permits. This included conducting routine sampling events, providing an analysis of results, and completing the required reporting to be submitted to DEQ.
  • Supported an expansion of the Subtitle C landfill site area.
    • Povided recommendations for the revised monitoring program and permit modifications that meet the client’s needs and met DEQ regulations – ensuring that the monitoring program was accepted by DEQ and the permit successfully modified.
  • Conducted a detailed evaluation of volatile organic compound (VOC) concentrations that were detected during a routine groundwater sampling at the Subtitle C facility in a monitoring well.
    • Per DEQ instructions to investigate the detection, we worked with DEQ and the client to negotiate a work plan and conduct an alternative source demonstration.
    • Our approach successfully demonstrated that VOC concentrations were the result of well construction problems and not the result of chemical releases from the landfill, saving the client hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • Currently providing on-going support for permit compliance and renewal

Client Testimony

Regulatory Project Manager appraisal “Thanks again for your help and great reports/explanations. I truly do mean it. I so much appreciate your clean, comprehensive, well written, and understandable documents.”