GSI’s water resource consultants have assisted numerous cities and other water suppliers in preparing water management and conservation plans (WMCP), addressing OWRD comments, obtaining approval of final plans, and reporting. Our in-depth knowledge of OWRD’s requirements and attention to client needs enables us to develop strategic plans that meet their current and future goals while ensuring permit compliance.


Major water suppliers in Oregon are required to prepare a WMCP to ensure efficient use of resources and to plan for the future. The requirement is often a condition of receiving a state water use permit or permit extension. WMCPs evaluate water supply, describe conservation measures and benchmarks, and are submitted to the Oregon Water Resources Department (OWRD) for approval.

GSI’s Solution

GSI reviewed and evaluated all permit and certificate conditions owned and controlled by the City of Sisters. We collected and analyzed the City’s water production and used data to show current water use information including production, water that was unaccounted for, and consumption by customer category. Based on this information, GSI developed a selection of management and conservation actions. GSI and the City then evaluated the potential water savings and costs associated with implementing each action. Lastly, GSI incorporated this information into the City’s WMCP.

The WMCP provided the City with clearly developed strategic approaches for maintaining and securing the City’s multiple water rights so that they will be available in the future. The plan also described potential opportunities to obtain additional water supplies, which are critical for meeting the future needs of an expanding community. GSI also helped the City manage all the aspects of the work per its Water Supply and Conservation Initiative grant requirements.