GSI assisted the City of Gresham with identifying and conducting inspections of 27 automotive-related businesses (ARB) to identify activities likely to pollute stormwater. Using the information gathered from the inspections, GSI assisted the City with creating programmatic documents to support their stormwater protection outreach efforts.


The City of Gresham’s stormwater flows untreated to its local creeks, requiring physical and behavioral protections to maintain surface water and groundwater quality. A requirement of one of these protections, its Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permit, is to implement a pollution reduction program for discharges from facilities identified as contributing a significant pollutant load to the storm sewer system. ARBs were identified as having a high potential to cause significant pollution to the storm sewer system.

GSI’s Solution

GSI helped the City identify and conduct inspections of 27 ARBs to identify activities likely to pollute stormwater.

We conducted pre-inspection outreach and sent an introductory letter to the identified ARBs explaining the purpose of the site inspections and the importance of stormwater pollution prevention.

We then updated the ARB inspection datasheet to include all potential high priority activities and the best management practices (BMPs) to address them. We created a series of fact sheets discussing preferred BMPs for identified activities that the City could use in future outreach efforts.

We developed a unifying Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program (SWPPP) logo to be used on all programmatic documents. The City will use the SWPPP template to assist ARB owners in developing site-specific SWPPPs and updated the City’s existing Standard Operating Procedures manual to accommodate changes in code and program developed as a result of this effort.

Finally we created a BMP matrix compiling research on approximate pricing and applicability of specific BMPs to small ARBs that the City can use to help target businesses implement protective measures.