Principal Hydrogeologist

Jeff heads our Santa Barbara, California, office and is a founding principal of GSI. With more than 30 years of experience conducting hydrogeologic and groundwater resource development projects, he helps clients assess and develop groundwater supplies and establish strategies for sustainable groundwater management. Jeff has helped countless clients to secure water rights, expand groundwater supply capacity, or estimate pumping scenarios for overdrafted aquifers.

He is also an expert on the management and evaluation of aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) project development. Jeff helped to pass ASR legislation in Oregon and has participated in developing rules for ASR in the Pacific Northwest. He was critical in formulating the ASR and aquifer recharge strategies used in the Umatilla Basin, Oregon.

Jeff has overseen a number of collector well projects in the U.S. and is familiar with siting, designing, and performance testing requirements. He has conducted numerous groundwater studies involving estimating sustainable yields, estimating impacts on surface water from groundwater pumping, and designing wells and wellfields.

He is often asked to speak at water law conferences and other professional conferences, and presents technical concepts to regulatory and public audiences. Jeff also has been an expert witness in support of litigation.


  • Registered Geologist, Oregon
  • Certified Water Rights Examiner, Oregon
  • Licensed Geologist and Hydrogeologist, Washington


  • MS, Hydrogeology, University of Nevada-Reno
  • BS, Natural Resources Planning, Humboldt State University

Safety Education

  • First Aid, CPR, and AED


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