Dave began his career more than 30 years ago working on federal Superfund and state-led cleanup sites. His work has included both technical and strategic roles on these projects, ranging from implementation of innovative remediation technologies to helping management and legal teams achieve fair and workable regulatory decisions from agencies.

Dave has supported clients on the Portland Harbor Superfund site since it was added to the National Priorities List in 2000. He is very familiar with the technical elements of sediment investigations and remediation, as well as working within the framework of an EPA megasite. He has served as the project manager and technical lead for multi-party client groups, relying on his strong communication skills and ability to build consensus to keep projects moving forward. Dave is well known for high-quality work and is respected by state and federal agencies.

As recognized expert in the field of hydrogeology, Dave also has been involved with many groundwater supply projects throughout his career. He is highly knowledgeable about the groundwater conditions in coastal sand dune aquifers, Willamette Valley sediments, and the Columbia River Basalt Group. His work includes environmental permitting, water supply development, and assessment of the potential impacts of well field pumping on groundwater-dependent ecosystems. 

At ease in front of a crowd, Dave is skilled at presenting technical concepts to regulatory and public audiences. He also supports legal matters by providing technical expertise to support regulatory settlements, permitting, and litigation.