AMCCO Soil and Sediment Remedial Investigation and Feasibility Study

GSI helped to clean up contaminated soil and sediments at this active marine shipyard.

AMCCO is an active marine shipyard in Astoria. Since 1924, the company has primarily constructed wooden boats and ships, but during World War II and the Korean War, it built metal-armored boats and refurbished previously mothballed warships. This led to elevated concentrations of contaminants in the soil and river sediments at and near the shipyard.

GSI’s work involved:

  • Working closely with the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and multiple participating parties—including four tribal governments, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Oregon Department of State Lands, and a citizen’s advisory committee—to streamline the project and decision-making.
  • Providing program management services beginning with the remedial investigation through remedial design. This work resulted in DEQ issuing a Record of Decision for the site in February 2017.
  • Supporting the settlement of Natural Resource Damages claims.
  • Preparing permits for remedial design and remedial action, and working with our subcontractor to prepare design documents to implement the cleanup.


Astoria, Oregon


  • Remedial investigation and feasibility study
  • Program management services
  • Development of work plans, design documents, and regulatory permits
  • Source control evaluation
  • Characterization of in-water sediments, upland soils, groundwater, and surface water

GSI worked extensively with DEQ and stakeholders to identify and prioritize data needs early on, resulting in a streamlined timeline to complete the RI/FS.

Photo Gallery

AMCCO primarily constructs wooden boats, but made metal-armored boats during World War II and the Korean War, which led to contamination.

Sampling event in the snow