Salem ASR Program Support

The City has operated four ASR wells in Woodmansee Park since 1997.

The City holds the first limited license for ASR issued in Oregon and has operated four ASR wells in Woodmansee Park since 1997 as a secondary source for emergency needs and to meet peak summer demands. The Woodmansee ASR wellfield can be used as a critical in-town source of drinking water in the event of an interruption to the City's main water supply from the Geren Island Treatment Plant.

GSI began supporting the City’s ASR program in 2005, helping with operations, regulatory compliance, and annual reporting. In the years since, GSI has helped the City address the following issues:

Regulatory support: GSI worked with the Oregon Water Resources Department (OWRD) to simplify sampling and monitoring requirements outlined in the City’s original ASR limited license.

Water rights: To enable the City to pump native groundwater from the ASR wells after the ASR storage volume is depleted, GSI completed water rights transactions to add the ASR wells as additional points of appropriation to existing groundwater rights,

Water quality: Although the quality of recovered water is excellent, high concentrations of chloroform are present at the start of recovery. Because of this, the City collects multiple rounds of samples while waiting for chloroform concentrations to attenuate before the stored water is available for distribution. Through additional sampling, GSI has been able to estimate the storage time necessary to reduce chloroform concentrations, simplifying the City's recovery startup process.

Remote data access: GSI helped the City upgrade its wells with improved telemetry to provide online access to data tracking specific capacity at each ASR well and enable remote operation of the ASR wells.

Expansion options: GSI conducted preliminary evaluations for potential ASR expansion both within and beyond Woodmansee Park, and will be developing a numeric groundwater model of the current ASR system to help guide ASR expansion and optimize operations.

GSI provides ongoing support with observation well water level monitoring, ASR water level and specific capacity monitoring, streamflow monitoring at nearby surface streams (required during summer months in years when the ASR storage volume exceeds the maximum tested storage volume), and water quality monitoring and control. GSI also is building a database to improve understanding of long-term water quality trends, and prepares annual reports and renewal requests for the City’s ASR limited license.


Salem, Oregon


  • ASR program support
  • Well performance evaluation
  • Data collection and monitoring
  • Licensing and regulatory compliance
  • Water rights transactions
  • Water management and conservation plans
  • Hydrogeologic investigations for ASR and groundwater supply development

The City of Salem holds the first limited license for ASR issued in Oregon.

Photo Gallery

A GSI staff member works with a City employee to take water level measurements at an ASR observation well.

Inside the ASR 4 well house in Woodmansee Park.

Two GSI employees logging water level data at an ASR observation well.

Preparing to take streamflow measurments in Pringle Creek, near the Woodmansee Park ASR wellfield.

GSI conducts streamflow monitoring during the summer in years when ASR storage volume exceeds the maximum tested storage volume.

Wrapping up streamflow monitoring in Pringle Creek.