San Antonio Creek Basin SGMA Support and GSP Development

The San Antonio Creek Groundwater Basin is a predominantly agricultural area.

GSI, teamed with GEI Consultants, is helping to develop a GSP that will be accepted by the California Department of Water Resources and represent basin stakeholders’ diverse interests. The GSP, due by January 2022 under the state’s Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA), will allow the San Antonio Basin GSA to plan for and secure a reliable water supply in the future.

GSI is using data and information recently developed by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) to characterize groundwater conditions in the San Antonio Creek Groundwater Basin to reduce the cost of preparing the GSP. We are working with USGS to use its groundwater model to develop water budgets and assess various groundwater management alternatives intended to recover groundwater to sustainable levels. GSI is also supporting stakeholder outreach efforts.

GSI's work has involved:

  • Characterizing groundwater conditions in the basin.
  • Assessing various groundwater management alternatives for recovering groundwater to sustainable levels.
  • Supporting stakeholder outreach efforts.
  • Overseeing development and preparation of the GSP.


San Antonio Creek Groundwater Basin, Santa Barbara County, California


  • Sustainable groundwater management
  • SGMA support and GSP development
  • Hydrogeologic characterization
  • Evaluation of groundwater management alternatives

The San Antonio Basin GSA must develop a GSP that reflects the interests and needs of a wide range of water users in this predominately agricultural basin.

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The San Antonio Creek Groundwater Basin