Bend Water Rights Consulting Services

GSI has helped the City of Bend with a variety of water rights services since 2007.

GSI is the City’s water rights consultant of record. Over the years, we have conducted numerous projects for the City, including:

  • Negotiating the resolution of the City’s most recent groundwater permits, which were protested by a third party.
  • Developing and implementing a water rights strategic plan, which maximized and secured the City’s water rights.
  • Providing ongoing consulting services related to the Deschutes Basin Mitigation Program.
  • Participating on the City’s behalf in basinwide water resources forums, including the Upper Deschutes Basin Study and the Central Oregon Cities Organization water subcommittee.
  • Providing water rights consulting services that supported the City’s Bridge Creek surface water improvement project, including participation in securing a Special Use Permit from the U.S. Forest Service and associated litigation.
  • Securing groundwater mitigation credits, numerous permit extensions, water rights transfers (including instream transfers and leases for mitigation), permit amendments, and water right certificates.
  • Developing a water management and conservation plan (WMCP) and 5-Year Progress Report that were approved by the Oregon Water Resources Department.
  • Supporting long-term water supply planning efforts.
  • Helping the City comply with annual water right conditions, including reporting of annual water use, collecting and reporting of March static water levels, and documenting progress made in the City’s incremental mitigation development plan.


Bend, Oregon


  • Water rights consulting
  • Water rights strategic planning
  • Deschutes Basin Mitigation Program support
  • Water rights transaction support
  • WMCP development
  • Water rights condition compliance

GSI serves as the City’s water rights consultant of record.