Prineville WMCP and Water Conservation Support

The City of Prineville invested in major infrastructure improvements over an 8-year period that resulted in a significant reduction in water loss. GSI documented these results in the City's WMCP.

Prineville’s economy is based primarily on water-intensive industries, including agriculture, secondary wood manufacturing, and several major data centers. A sustainable, reliable water supply is critical to the livelihood and expansion of these industries and the community as a whole. In 2016, GSI helped the City develop an updated WMCP, which included an outline of the City’s recent investments and future plans for its water conservation program. The WMCP highlighted how those investments led to the City reducing its water loss dramatically in less than 10 years. In 2017, the City won Oregon Water Resources Department's (OWRD) “Best WMCP Award” for this updated plan; it was nominated by Apple, Inc., which operates a data center in Prineville.

GSI is now supporting the City’s water conservation program to help the City expand its conservation efforts and meet water conservation benchmarks documented in the WMCP. This support has included the development of a flyer for new customers, billing messages and inserts, and website content that provides tips for saving water both indoors and outdoors.

GSI’s work involved:

  • Helping the City develop its updated WMCP, which won an award from OWRD.
  • Developing a suite of consumer-friendly outreach materials, and providing ongoing support for the development of new content.


Prineville, Oregon


  • WMCP development
  • Water conservation support services
  • Consumer communications and outreach

In 2017, the City won OWRD’s “Best WMCP Award” for its water conservation efforts, nominated by Apple, Inc., which operates a data center in Prineville.

Photo Gallery

GSI has created a suite of water conservation materials for the City.

A closer look at a recent billing insert.

GSI developed this flyer for the City to provide to new water customers.