We evaluate the nature and extent of sediment contamination, and design and implement effective remedies to address environmental hazards and move towards cleanup. We are skilled at helping multiple potentially responsible parties to foster collaboration and come to an agreement on a workable remediation strategy.

Remedial investigations and feasibility studies (RI/FS)

Whether we are working in-water under CERCLA regulations or upland under state regulations, we navigate the interface of the two programs along the shorelines of Oregon and Washington’s waterways. We have performed a number of expedited and long-term RI/FS studies for public and private clients at small and mega-Superfund sites.

Sediment, porewater, and surface water investigations

We design and implement comprehensive investigations of sediment, porewater, and surface water to evaluate the extent of contaminated sediments and inform effective and practical cleanup solutions.

Recontamination evaluations

We identify potential threats to the sediment remedy, and evaluate whether contaminant sources are adequately investigated and controlled prior to remedy implementation.

Source identification and allocation

We support every stage of the allocation process. We perform historical research, chemical fingerprinting, and spatial and statistical data evaluations to identify and evaluate shoreline and upland sources, transport mechanisms, and loading of chemical releases to sediment.

Remedy selection, design, and implementation

We focus on identifying and implementing remedies that work within site and budgetary constraints to clean up sediment contamination and achieve final closure with regulators.

Performance and long-term monitoring

We provide comprehensive performance and long-term monitoring support for sediment remedies to determine effectiveness and track progress towards remedial action objectives. This includes working closely with regulators to prepare 5 Year Review Reports for remediated sites.

Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA) compliance


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