Tim's expertise includes all aspects of hydrogeology and geology, specifically related to groundwater supply, basin analysis, and water resource management. He manages projects related to assessing seawater intrusion, desalination intake, and surface water/groundwater studies. He is experienced in analyzing regional groundwater basins, assessing groundwater quality, and calculating perennial yield and basin water balance components, and providing technical support for the development of groundwater sustainability plans. He also evaluates aquifer recharge options and conducts groundwater modeling.

Tim is skilled at using geographic information systems (GIS) to aid in interpreting and presenting all manner of groundwater data. This includes contouring of groundwater surfaces and calculating groundwater volumes, groundwater gradients, subsurface flow volumes, land utilization, and groundwater recharge distribution. Tim has extensive experience in municipal well design, construction oversight, and development; evaluating downhole geophysical data; coordinating, performing and analyzing well and aquifer tests; and assessing water quality.