GSI’s Green Team is dedicated to the preservation and responsible management of our shared natural resources. Over the years, we have taken many steps to reduce the carbon footprint of our business, and we are constantly evaluating what more we can do. The Green Team leads these efforts, which have earned us the City of Portland Gold Sustainability at Work certification.

Here are a few things the Green Team has done to improve the way our business operates:

Recycling and Waste Reduction

  • Along with the regular recycling of paper, plastic, glass, and aluminum items, we recycle batteries and ink cartridges, and compost all of our food waste.
  • We recycle or refurbish all of the electronic devices that we use.
  • We measure and track our waste through periodic waste audits to assess how well we are collectively doing with waste reduction and recycling efforts.
  • In our kitchens, we have completely eliminated disposable dishware and flatware.
  • We use paper, binders, labels, and envelopes that contain at least 30 percent post-consumer recycled content.


  • Secure bike parking is available at all office locations.
  • We offer a public transit reimbursement.
  • We conduct a yearly commuting survey to assess how we are doing in regards to carpooling, bike commuting, and use of public transit.

Energy and Water Efficiency

In our Portland office, we installed low-flow aerators on bathrooms and kitchen faucets, and motion-sensor lights in the bathrooms, printer rooms, and kitchens.

Education and Awareness

We focus environmental educational efforts on the problems we see occurring within our offices. We also lead several environmentally-focused activities each year to keep employees focused and up to date on how their actions make a difference.

Carbon Offsets

We measure the impact of our business, carefully calculating the carbon footprint of our travel, office spaces, and general operations. Each year, the firm purchases carbon offsets to counteract a portion of this impact, most recently reaching a 90 percent offset.